For Our Publishers

Schedules & Deadlines

This section contains information about catalog and export schedules and other deadlines. Download the latest PDF calendar using the links below.

Publisher Portal

Our publisher portal contains links to our online reports, order forms, shipping notification forms, and more! If you do not have a login or password, please create a new account by clicking the button below.

Digital (Fusion) and POD Services

NBN Fusion is a low-cost, integrated solution for your digital and publishing needs. Being a modern, full-service distributor means handling finished books, printer files, and eBooks, as well as providing online marketing tools. By embracing these changes, NBN can help you open up new streams of revenue and compete in this changing landscape.

NBN Fusion offers a variety of services including digital book sales, book production services and book manufacturing. The digital book arm includes eBook distribution, discounted conversion services, and sales to a long list of vendors. Production services include copyediting, composition, file conversion, proofreading, indexing, and consultation. Fusion’s manufacturing services will offer extremely low rates for Print-On-Demand (POD) and Digital Short Run (DSR) and can also provide quotes from preferred printers for offset and four-color printing.

Direct your questions to the right place:

POD/DSR/Offset/four-Color/eBooks: Stephen Driver

Publishers with general questions are encouraged to contact Stephen Driver.