Book Distribution Operations Services

NBN offers world-class customer service and inventory management, state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution facilities, efficient billing and collections, market-leading eBook distribution and Print-on-Demand services, and a highly-customizable online reporting system giving our clients unsurpassed access to information.

Our Ops Team


Jason Brockwell


Jason Brockwell is President of National Book Network and has been with the company since 1999. Prior to taking on his current position, Jason was Vice President of Sales for NBN, and has been a national accounts manager for NBN for a variety of customers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and some of the leading independent bookstores and regional wholesalers in the Southeast. Prior to joining NBN, Jason worked as a journalist in Maryland.

Kimberly Flowers

Publisher Accounting

Kimberly Flowers oversees the Publisher Accounting department which is responsible for the computation and distribution of the Accounting Statements to the publishers on a monthly basis. Publisher Accounting is also responsible for the tracking and processing of the various ancillary charges which come from other departments within NBN which include but are not limited to coop, catalogs, sales kits, and freight charges.

Customer and Publisher Services

Carla Quental

Vice President, Publisher and Customer Services

NBN's Customer Service Department in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, is headed by Carla Quental, a publishing industry veteran who oversees an operation that manages in excess of 4500 active customer relationships, including major national accounts and thousands of independent bookstores around the country. Carla also oversees the Publisher Services Department, which is responsible for interacting with our many client publishers. Prior to joining NBN in 1996, Carla spent ten years at Daedalus Books in Washington, DC.

Karen Mattscheck

Publisher Services Manager

Karen joined NBN in 2000 and oversees the Publishers Service Department, responsible for the link between publishers and NBNÕs distribution services. Among other services, our Publisher Services team maintains frequent communications with our worldwide client publishers, related to flow of inventory between publishers and NBN Distribution Center, tracking stock levels, monitoring releases of new titles, coordinating re-stocking of backlist titles and making metadata changes to backlist titles.

Ruth Proctor

Senior Liaison, Publisher Services

Vicki Funk

Liaison, Publisher Services

Digital Services (Fusion)

Shaina Amienyi

Digital Publishing Representative

Shaina Amienyi is a Digital Publishing Representative responsible for coordinating eBook file conversions and handling eBook distribution for Fusion clients. She is also a contributing writer for the NBN Fusion blog, a resource for learning the latest retailer news and specifications and ePub creation tips.