Credit Application

Dear NBN Customer,

Thank you for your interest in National Book Network and the publishers we represent.

If you are a new customer with NBN, we require some basic information about your organization. This information will make it easier for us to provide quality service and, if necessary, establish a larger credit line for future purchases.

Below are links to our standard credit application, a tax exemption certification, and a form for you to provide us with your preferences regarding shipping methods and backorder handling.

Please print, complete, and sign the credit application and conditions of sale forms below and return them by mail or fax to our Credit Department at:

National Book Network
Attn: Credit Department
PO Box 190
Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
FAX (717) 794-3804

Should you have questions about the application, please contact the Credit Department at (717) 794-3800. Once again, thank you for your order and we look forward to providing you with quality publications in the future.

Please print out and mail the Conditions of Sale pdf and the following forms to us: