For Prospective Publishers

Why NBN?

Simply put: Selling your books is our only business. We care about your titles and our vast team of sales representatives present them as their own. For more than twenty-five years, we have been an established and respected partner in the industry. To learn even more reasons why you should join NBN, keep reading.

What We Look for in Publishers

Thank you for your interest in National Book Network. While we welcome all submissions, NBN is especially interested in publishers with established programs and new titles every year.

NBN's sales and marketing team considers many criteria when assessing potential new publishers. Here are some of the elements we look for:

  • Well-designed trade books,
  • Understanding of core markets/channels for your publishing program,
  • Strong marketing and publicity to reach your core buyers,
  • Willingness to collaborate with your distribution partner,
  • Willingness to set mutually-agreeable expectations for sales targets.

NBN does not encourage submissions from publishers with single, self-published titles. Publishers with single-title lists should contact one of the numerous distributors who work with self-publishers.

The Submission Process

What Your Submission Package Should Include

  • A copy of your bestselling titles (artwork, page spreads, or galleys for books in production),
  • A completed Prospective Publisher Questionnaire docx,
  • Any recent advertising and reviews for your titles,
  • Current catalog, if available.
  • Where to Send Materials

    Please send your queries to:

    Jason Brockwell
    National Book Network
    4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200
    Lanham, MD 20706

    NBN receives hundreds of new submissions per year and we evaluate each one carefully. Please allow four to six weeks for our response.

Top Reasons to Join National Book Network

  1. Selling your books is our only business. We care about your titles and present them as our own.
  2. We're among the top twenty vendors with all major accounts.
  3. NBN is an established, well-respected distributor of more than twenty-five years and we take our fiduciary responsibility to our clients very seriously.
  4. Our sales organization is focused across key channels: independents, chains, mass-market, gift/gourmet, wholesale, online, museums, and outdoor retailers, with full coverage accounts in the US, Canada, and internationally. Additionally, through Fusion, our eBooks division, we convert files and distribute to more than fifty eBook vendors.
  5. Our experienced account managers, all with extensive experience in publishing, book buying, and book selling, advise and consult with you on all aspects of your publishing program through ongoing discussions, marketing meetings, and business reviews.
  6. NBN owns a 300,000 square foot state-of-the-art distribution center seventy-five miles north of Washington, DC in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania.
  7. NBN assumes responsibility for credit, collections, disbursements, and bad debt. Publishers are paid on time, every time. We don't wait for accounts to pay us.
  8. Our clients have free access to Bookscan, the essential online resource for industry sales data and access to Online Sales and Inventory Reports as well as Edelweiss/Above the Treeline.
  9. NBN has strong, strategic relationships with the key organizations in the industry such as Publishers Weekly, Reed Expositions, Book Industry Study Group, PubWest, and Independent Book Publishers Association, and our Platinum exhibitor status guarantees us a prime location at BookExpo America.