Make Up Test

Make Up Test

A Rom-Com Winter Tale

By John AdcoxCarol Bales,

Publisher: The Story Plant

Imprint: The Story Plant

“It's like . . . like a miracle. Like some kind of weird, freaky miracle.”
Christmas is a time when anything can happen . . . even if you think the entire idea of a holiday miracle is laughable.
Janie Mason just wants to get through the season. She's under enormous pressure at work, her boss is brilliant but self-centered, and the holidays bring up a lot of memories she'd rather leave unremembered. The only thing that's making things tolerable for her right now is that she's getting to work more closely with Bill Sparks, the man she's crushing on, and Jeremy, someone who was just beginning to be a friend pre-lockdown and who has become the only person she can rely on now that everyone is back in the office. January really can't come soon enough.
The last thing Janie needs is someone trying to prove to her that Christmas magic is real. So, when a guy claiming to be an elf offers to fulfill a wish for her, Janie off-handedly tells him that she wishes the makeup she just purchased actually did what it claimed to do. When she gets home, strange things begin to happen with the makeup. Blush that turns her whole face scarlet? Clarifying lotion that makes things clearer? Vanishing cream that actually causes things to vanish?
And so begins an odyssey that promises to take Janie places she'd long ago stopped imagining. There's magic in the makeup. There's magic in her deepening connection with a certain co-worker. And maybe there's magic in a holiday she'd long ago abandoned. Janie Mason is getting her make-up test. And if she passes, her life will never be the same again.


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