Sound Effect Infinity

Sound Effect Infinity

A Novel of Mind Control, Altered States, and Music

By David Biddle

Publisher: The Story Plant

Imprint: The Story Plant

It's 2052. Sergeant Juanita Carbajal of the Columbia Police Department in Missouri is assigned the job of tracking down the latest incarnation of Elvis Presley, who is haunting the local countryside. Lincoln Koufax, a pop music reporter for Philadelphia-based tabloid Deep-Fried America, has flown into the region to interview a woman claiming to have had an affair with The King. None of this should be that surprising to anyone. Out in the center of the country, belief in anything and everything is now the norm.

But there might be more going on than your standard rural legend. Cecil Miller, a young paranormal scientist, hears a voice telling him to travel to Central Missouri in order to find Lucas Fancher out in the boonies. Fancher, a onetime disciple of the infamous psychedelic guru Terence McKenna, could hold the key to everything. No one's seen Fancher in years, but he's bought up thousands of acres of Missouri farmland that include numerous decommissioned intercontinental ballistic missile silos. Chit Kressel, a defense intelligence contractor seemingly on a mission from the highest levels, thinks Fancher has stumbled onto one of the most important secrets of mind control ever. Kressel needs to do something drastic in the name of national security – and he's only got a few days to do it.

Sound Effect Infinity is a future paranormal mystery rolled up in puzzles about the real magic of music wrapped in questions about the power of the human mind. It is a reading experience totally off the literary grid.


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