Blackthorne Faire

Blackthorne Faire

By John Adcox

Publisher: The Story Plant

Imprint: The Story Plant

Welcome to Blackthorne Faire, a place of wild music and unbridled, boisterous dance! Of theatre and pageantry! Of deadly duels and rapier-fast quips! Of roasting turkey legs and boisterous drinking bouts!

Welcome to Blackthorne Faire, a place of whispered rumors of unexplained disappearances. Of mystery, intrigue, and murder.

Welcome to Blackthorne Faire, a modern Renaissance Festival where nothing is what it seems. It is a place where a lost tune rediscovered in The Hidden Book of Secret Knowledge stirs long forgotten magic, and where never-before-seen tarot cards foretell unexpected futures that always, always come true.

Welcome to Blackthorne Faire, where true love is found and lost and lost again in the shadow of a coming war between the mob and the Courts of Faerie.

Beware, mortal, oh, beware the sounds that echo over the hills, across the bluffs, and through the winding pathways, for no one can hear the horns of Elfland and remain unchanged.


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