The Food Mafia

The Food Mafia

A Novel Based on True Events

By Jon Gordon

Publisher: The Story Plant

Imprint: The Story Plant

Based on true events, here is a thriller that exposes a little-known story: how a small handful of corporations manipulate your choices at the supermarket and control the food that is meant to nourish you.

Bobby Greystein is a successful entrepreneur whose health concerns and sudden stewardship of a ninety-million-dollar trust dedicated to revolutionizing food leads him to launch Camelot, a sugarless ice cream that can compete favorably with the best super premium full-sugar brands. Camelot gets off to a tremendous start – but the company's good fortunes have put it on the hit list of The Food Mafia. And now the future of Camelot – and possibly Bobby's own life – hangs in the balance.

Concealed industry memos, fraudulent scientific tests, kidnappings, bombings, eavesdropping, burglaries, hacking, and assassinations don't normally accompany legal disputes over ice cream, but in today's world, no one is safe. Hurtling through a conspiracy that reaches deep into the government, the search for Bobby's missing food radical best friend, and a trial with an explosive conclusion, The Food Mafia is both edge-of-your-seat fiction and a bracing cautionary tale about what food corporations are doing to us . . . and what they are willing to commit to keep doing it.


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