A Novel of Faerie

By Elizabeth Fields Perry

Publisher: The Story Plant

Imprint: The Story Plant

There are places where the borders between the worlds are thin.

Such places are beautiful. Such places are perilous.

The borders are blurred in the woods around Eilegate House. The nearby town has borne witness to the centuries of bloodshed and upheaval that crafted modern Scotland and . . . retains vestiges of an old and dangerous magic.

In 1934, the threat of war lingers just beyond the horizon. When Great War veteran Albert Lerrant and his new bride Victoria move into the stately home of Eilegate, the couple realize the house is not quite as abandoned as it first appeared. Tensions take a turn for the dire when Albert wakes up one midsummer morning to find his wife vanished without a trace. The police are summoned and evidence quickly begins to point to foul play. But the case is far more perilous than even the police can predict. Victoria has fallen through the thin border between our reality and another.

As Albert charges into the forest deep on a mad bid to save his wife, and Victoria finds herself entangled in a losing war against the tyrannical lord of misrule for the soul of two worlds, the only help for them both lies on the shoulders of the sharp-witted Constable Màiri McNeil, and in a hidden history that will shake the foundations of both worlds.

Eilegate is a fantasy-laced mystery adventure steeped in the traditions of epic romance and Celtic legend, grounded in the love that binds people to place and to each other and the hope that allows them to push into the dark woods towards the unknown.


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