How to Fall in Love

How to Fall in Love

A Novel

By Dalma HeynRichard Marek,

Publisher: The Story Plant

Imprint: The Story Plant

Can Great Love be coaxed into existence? Is true romance a matter of happenstance, or does it derive from some kind of magic? These are the questions at the heart of this enchanting, endearing, and life-affirming novel.

Cupid is on notice. His boss, Jove, has just announced that he's downsizing the heavens and has deemed Cupid's job expendable. After all, in these wired days, a love god seems quaint and pointless. Cupid manages to buy a little bit of time by asking for one more chance to show that he can orchestrate a love for the ages . . . but the clock is ticking.

Down on Earth, former ballerina Eve Golyakovsky is living a quiet life in Vermont, tending to her maple sugar business. She dearly loved her late husband, a famed choreographer, but more as a mentor than as a spouse. She's never been truly touched by romance, and she's okay with that. Evan Cameron is a well-known anthologist with a penchant for fine automobiles and commitment-free affairs. Love has threatened to visit him on occasion, but he's always managed to keep it from taking up residence. When Eve and Evan meet, there's something almost otherworldly about their connection, and they reach each other as none ever has before. But Great Love is about more than attraction, compatibility, and fascination. And when their budding romance is tested, old habits and new fears seem likely to choke this flower off at the roots. A love this intense might be more than either of them can handle – and more than even Cupid can nurture.

At once heartwarming and wise, funny and touching, HOW TO FALL IN LOVE is a love story for the ages and one uniquely suited to our times.


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