Girls' Weekend

Girls' Weekend

By Cara Sue Achterberg

Publisher: The Story Plant

Imprint: The Story Plant

Dani, Meg, and Charlotte have bonded over babies, barbeques,and backyards, but when they escape for a girls weekend away, they can't bringthemselves to return to lives that don't seem to fit anymore.
Harried Dani can't explain why she feels so discontented untilshe meets a young gallery owner who inspires her to rediscover the art thatonce made her happy.
Dependable Meg faces up to a grief that threatens to swallowher whole and confronts a marriage built on expectations.
Flamboyant Charlotte, frustrated with her stagnated life andmarriage, pursues a playboy Irish singer and beachside business opportunities.
All three of these women thought they would be different. Noneof them thought they'd be facing down forty and still wondering when lifestarts. What they do when they realize where they're headed is both inspiringand wildly entertaining.
GIRLS' WEEKEND is a fun, yet poignant rompthrough the universal search of who we are, why we love, and what makes ushappy by an author who is quickly emerging as one of our most incisivestorytellers.


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