The Bone Keepers

The Bone Keepers

By James LePoreCarlos Davis,

Publisher: The Story Plant

Imprint: The Story Plant

Rome, 1943. The war in Europe is at a tipping point, but where the scales will fall is decidedly unclear. For either Axis or Allies, one dramatic initiative could change everything. It is under these conditions that the Nazis are eager to expose a secret that has been maintained for nearly two millennia. Information gathered from the fevered swamp of Rome's demi-monde not only confirms the existence of the bones of Jesus Christ, but also points tantalizingly to a secret cave high in Italy's Appenine Mountains, a location so secret that the local population has turned it into a myth. If the ossuary can be recovered, Hitler will use it to topple Western Christianity and turn the war irreversibly in his favor.
Clues to the location of the bones and to the identity of the people who might be protecting them are scarce. At the immediate behest of the British government, MI-6 agent Ian Fleming and compatriot J.R.R. Tolkien are once again dispatched to work in tandem. With the SS closing in on the cave's location, Fleming and Tolkien must spearhead a mission into the heart of fascist-controlled Italy. They have little time to piece together the puzzle before the Nazis can turn humanity on its head.
The conclusion of the stunning trilogy that began with the national bestseller NO DAWN FOR MEN and continued with GOD'S FORMULA, THE BONE KEEPERS is literary entertainment of the first order.

"A rousing success, a thrilling adventure that does its clever frame story justice.”
– Booklist, on NO DAWN FOR MEN


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