The Weissenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart

The Weissenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart

Experimental Housing Built for the Deutscher Werkbund, Stuttgart, 1927

By Karin Kirsch

Publisher: Edition Axel Menges

Imprint: Edition Axel Menges

The Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart, Germany, has without any doubt a fundamental signifance for the history of early modern architecture. Almost all the influential architects of the 20th century, for example Mies van der Rohe as artistic director, Peter Behrens, Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, Jacobus Johannes Pieter Oud, Hans Scharoun, Mart Stam, Max Taut, built their proposed solutions in response to the theme »a home for modern city dwellers«. The choice of architects and the fact that a project of this type could be implemented at all so few years after World War I and the inflation, is one of the outstanding characteristics of this building exhibition. This publication was first published in 1989 by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.


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